E: to pick up items
Q: use skeleton Keys
WASD/arrow key: movement
Esc: Close Chest

Lock picking Controls:
Space: tighten torque to stop pins from slipping
Click and Drag Lockpick: move lockpick left to right
Release mouse button: drops lockpick to hit pins

Dungeon locks is a small Jam Game about picking locks in an endless dungeon to get gold and find your fortune.

This Game Was made for The "My first Game Jam: summer 2017"

Credits :
Code: Thomas Foster
Game Design: Thomas Foster and Marshal 
Art: by Raisenka
Sound: Marshal

social media links:
Tom Fosters Twitter (https://twitter.com/TechDogGames)
Raisenka's deviant_art (http://raisenka.deviantart.com/)

StatusOn hold
AuthorTech Dog
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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Cool concept!

At first, it was kind of confusing, and then it became too easy. I'm not sure what to suggest to better handle difficulty. Maybe an easier first room? Maybe more punishment for abusing torque? A timer?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Nice game, Once i got the hang of it it was really easy going through to the rest of the doors. I figured hitting the iron things would break my pick but sometimes it broke for no reason. Does it have a hidden durability?

no its not supose to have anyway most likley a bug when ouer programer wakes up il relay the message