BowjumP is a gameboy inspired game with an art style that is a mix of cute and creepy imagery.


use your bow to slay enemys and navigate the dangerous terrain

collect coins to increase your score.


W and S to navigate the menu's

A / left arrow: left

D / right arrow: right

W / k / up arrow: shoot

space / j: jump

please don't look for the secret area in the 3rd level.

a Game made for the fifth GBJAM 5

if you like this project please consider following me and telling me about your experience on twitter

---- YouTube Content Creators ---

You can upload videos of this game (BowjumP by TechDogGames) with or without voice overs of any kind and they can be monetised, this privilege CANNOT be revoked and this can be used as proof in any circumstance that monetisation on your video of this game is disputed by TechDogGames or affiliates of TechDogGames for any reason.


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GB_BowjumP.exe 3 MB


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